The Reut Group creates and scales models to ensure prosperity and resilience for Israel and the Jewish People, and to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing them, while making a significant and distinct contribution to humanity. The Reut Group creates its models through the Reut Institute and scales them via projects it owns and directs, including TOM, XLN, Firewall and the Leapfrog Center. 

The vision which inspires the Reut Group calls for an Israeli and Jewish model society that is resilient, prosperous and makes a significant and distinct contribution to humanity. Our mission is to offer Israel and the Jewish People ‘adaptive leadership’ by creating and scaling innovative and effective political and economic models that serve our vision. Our purpose is to be an institution that is the most powerful and sustainable force for change in our society.


Reut Group’s mission to create and scale innovative models to effectively tackle critical challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people, begins with the formation of visions which provide a conceptual framework within which we can focus our work.
Our main visions are Model Society and Israel 15, Israel as the National State of the Jewish People and Nation Security for Israel at 75.

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Reut Group’s projects combine research and strategy, design and technology, field work and ‘adaptive leadership’. We specialize in identifying Israel’s blind spots, researching them, creating new visions for enhancing prosperity and security, piloting them and creating scalable models. 

ARC (ADL-Reut Collaboration) and Firewall Israel focus on strengthening the fundamental legitimacy of Israel and of the right of the Jewish People to self-determination. ARC is Reut’s joint effort with ADL to create a strategic framework for fighting the delegitimization of Israel and the BDS Movement. Firewall Israel is a web platform designed to support every Jewish and pro-Israel community in the world in their local fight against BDS challenges.
Our project on Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People seeks to develop and effectuate a comprehensive, research-based strategic framework for bridging the growing gap between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora in the USA and around the world.

TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers) seeks to address neglected societal problems faced by people with disabilities, the elderly and underprivileged, by creating extremely affordable solutions for them. It is inspired by the vision of a model society where the benefits of innovation and prosperity are shared, as well as by the 21st Century Tikkun Olam vision of Israel and the Jewish People making a significant and distinctly Jewish and Israeli contribution to the lives of a quarter of a billion people.
The Smart Communities effort seeks to design Israel’s 21st century model community using research and strategy, as well as design and technology. It is inspired by the vision of Israel as a model society organized as a network of resilient and prosperous communities, which base themselves around the community and its local institutions as the cornerstone of our society.
The Leapfrog Center offers consulting and training to municipalities, based on knowledge developed through Reut’s efforts in the city of Tsfat (since 2011) and in the Western Galilee region (since 2010). Reut’s work was inspired by the ISRAEL 15 Vision, which seeks to help these locations embark upon a period of sustainable high growth, while creating a model for local social and economic growth which can be scaled nationally. The Leapfrog Center creates custom-made plans for cities and communities to suit their needs. To find out more about the Center, please read our Leapfrog Model brochure (Hebrew).

XLN – Cross-Lab Network – seeks to propel Israeli society to the frontier of the 3D printing revolution by inspiring and supporting a network of communal technological makerspaces. It is inspired by Reut’s ISRAEL 15 Vision for a society where inclusive technology leads to national prosperity. In 2014, TOM grew out of XLN’s inclusive technology initiative.


The Reut Group is committed to training and empowering strategic leaders who will go on to serve in Israel’s public sphere. We provide our staff with a comprehensive training program including formative personal and professional experiences, and we are proud of our alumni who have moved on to lead social change in key positions in Israel and the Jewish world.

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