What does a 21st century community look like?

What’s been driving us at Reut for many years has been our effort to realize the Israel 15 vision. The Israel 15 vision calls for Israel to become one of the leading 15 countries in the world in terms of the quality of life of its residents. How can we bring about the leapfrog that will get us into the top 15?

The human infrastructure holding up Israeli society is its communities. Israel is organized as a collection of communities which can also become a network of communities. Smart Communities is a network of geographic communities with an anchor of institutions which can be found in every community in Israel. Institutions such as baby wellness clinics, sports centers, schools, youth movements and similar places.

The central role of every community is to ensure employability, productivity, inclusivity and quality of life. If the State of Israel manages to re-create each of these institutions, as well as all of them together, we will create the model Israeli community for the 21st century.

Smart communities are communities which demonstrate a real meeting between community institutions, social entrepreneurs within the community and external technological tools. This meeting creates a ‘culture of smartness’, smartness which trickles down from the individuals and the institutions into the community at large. The entrepreneur and the institution must learn to get to know each other, and know when to work together.

Click here to watch a short video about smart communities

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